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A focused team of Project Developers, financial professionals, engineers, and attorneys

Our Mission

Finance the Transformation to the Utility of the Future

AIH partners literally wrote the book on this transformation.  The Utility of the Future is the third evolutionary wave in North American clean and safe water services.  We documented and defined it.  Now, we are in the marketplace everyday, focused on innovative clean water solutions to help make this transformation a reality.


Build Relationships as Trusted Advisors and Implementation Partners

AIH believes in the combined strengths of innvovative technology, finance, and public benefits to build strong relationships in our community of technology developers, design engineers, contractors, utilities, regulators, and the public.

Create Growing Wealth Through Real Assets

Equity ownership through direct investments in infrastructure and other real assets can generate substantial annual cashflow over many years.  These businesses and assets build and maintain collateral value.  Accordingly, these assets protect against inflation, provide stability and preserve principal.


Treat You and Your Business with Respect

Whether your business is looking to get started, expand, or just be more productive, you can rest assured that we’re going to help. AIH is committed to providing you with top notch technical, financial, and regulatory support. We approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding. 

Water and Wastewater Project Structuring, Finance, and Delivery


American Infrastructure Holdings LLC (AIH) provides project structuring, direct investment, and advisory services to public and private water and wastewater utilities in North America as well as suppliers to this industry, such as technology developers, design engineers, equipment manufacturers, and contractors.  We invest our own funds and co-invest with a wide range of investors to create our asset portfolio.  

Often, we will partner with business and asset owners, project developers and investors to bring projects to market. AIH originates financeable opportunities for investors and works with them and asset owners to match funding sources to projects that meet both owners' and investors' objectives for risk and return.

AIH's partners leverage decades' of experience in the North American water and wastewater sector to deliver successful infrastructure projects with attractive risk-adjusted returns.  These investments have substantial collateral value and generate regular distributable cash flows for private investors with limited exposure business cycles.  They also help preserve public funding capacity and absorb technology, market, and regulatory risks that municipal governments may wish to avoid.

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